We moved November 15, 1997. I started keeping a journal of birds we saw in the back yard, and the approximate date first seen.



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Blue Jay 15Nov97 Jay daily
Junco 15Nov97   Winter
Blacked Capped Chickadee 15Nov97   daily
Gold Crowned Kinglet 25Nov97   no
Pileated Woodpecker 01Dec97   no
Crow 01Dec97 crows All but Fall
Downy Woodpecker 15Dec97   daily
Hairy Woodpecker 15Dec97   daily
Mourning Dove 15Dec97   daily
Cardinal 15Dec97   daily
Tufted Titmouse 15Dec97    
Grackle 20Dec97 too many Spring/Early Summer
White Breasted Nuthatch 20Dec97   daily
White Throated Sparrow 20Dec97 song wintertime
Gold Finch 29Dec97   daily
Red Bellied Woodpecker 01Jan98 call daily
Purple Finch 01Jan98   daily
Rufus-Sided Towhee 12Jan98 1 pair, Towhee, Towhee2 daily
*Unidentified Hawk 13Jan98   no
Flicker 15Jan98 2, Flicka Daily Winter '99
Gray Catbird 28Jan98 Meow no
Starling 15Feb98   Spring
Brown Creeper 20Feb98   infrequent
Red Headed Woodpecker 03Mar98   weekly/spring
Song Sparrow 04Mar98 song no
Robin 05Mar98 song daily
Red Wing Blackbird 05Mar98 conk Spring Summer
Carolina Wren 23Mar98 song daily/spring
Turkey 28Mar98   no
Brown Thrasher 30Mar98   weekly/spring
Chipping Sparrow 30Mar98   daily
Brown Headed Cowbird 06Apr98 scold Winter/Spring
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 04May98   Migrant
Indigo Bunting 05May98 2 Males!! Daily/Summer
Eastern Bluebird 06May98 1 pair at least Infrequent/summer
Northern(Baltimore) Oriole 06May98 2 males at least Infrequent/summer
Great Crested Flycatcher 12May98 several Infrequent/summer
Whip-poor-will 15May98 on the front porch Infrequent/summer
Ruby Throated Humming Bird 30May98 Lots daily/summer
Tree Sparrow 01Jan99 2 Absolutely Verified
Pine Warbler 27Mar99 1 pair Eating Suet
Roughed Grouse 15May99 1 female Along the Road
Eastern Kingbird 16May99 1 male Migrating(?)

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My bird pictures.

Sound files used with permision from Tony Phillips. See his wonderful site on New York State Birds.

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