The images on these pages were, in most cases, taken with a Fuji DS-7 digital camera. Some others were taken with a Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 digital camera.

The images are batched processed through a script in Corel PhotoPaint8 to a size of 420x315 @ 72dpi. This creates a jpeg using reasonable compression of about 15-30k depending on the complexity of the image.

Recently I've added an FM-TV Tuner card to my PC which has opened an all new vista for getting images: the camcorder. Some of the more recent pictures were taken as stills from video tape. I find this an excellent source for getting pictures. If I don't like the shot, I can back up the tape and try again...If I really want an exact frame, I can record the sequence to an avi file and then open it in PhotoPaint and find the frame I want. The camcorder has a zoom lens. I have found that in digital cameras, the zoom feature is quite important. The really good, candid or close up shots can usually be gotten by zooming in. I think this is partly because the subject isn't as aware of what you're doing - because they are distant. I could never get a picture of my dog running full steam at me, because by the time she got close enough to take the picture, I would be in pieces from the impact.

Last updated Saturday, January 11, 2003

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